Fall Brook Falls

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Fall Brook Falls

Fall Brook Falls The Highest Waterfall NB

Fall Brook Falls is the highest waterfall in New Brunswick, Canada. It is 30 m (100 ft) high. The falls drops at 90% and is much more impressive than the small stream would suggest. The orange colored rock and black color under the falls where the rock is wet provides a beautiful color contrast against the green foliage.

A $10 access fee is required to access the trail by car. The gatehouse is only open from 6AM to 8PM daily and you may not be let in after 7PM.

The trail follows Falls Brook stream into a ravine and through a mixed wood forest. Caution is required at one point where the narrow path climbs quite high above stream level with the help of rails and ropes. The trail then drops back down to stream level and continues to follow the stream to the falls. A small path to the side of the stream will give you your first view of the falls. The trail continues to just below the falls.


How To Find the fall brook falls

From the Irving Gas Station in Boiestown turn towards Fredericton and take the exit almost across the road to Parker Ridge (Route 625). After 4.2 km take a right onto the Bloomfield Ridge Road. After another 3.1 km the road turns to the right and crosses a bridge over the the Miramichi River. At this point the road changes into the Holtville Road (The Bloomfield Ridge road continues up the river without crossing the bridge). After crossing the bridge continue another 2.9 km and you will come to a sharp turn to the right. Instead of taking the turn continue on a road that goes straight off the turn. After traveling 1.2 km this road will turn to gravel and after another 1.8 km and two sharp turns you will come to the gate house. At this point you have to go into the gate house, pay your $10 and sign a liability waiver.

Once through the gate follow the road for just over 13 km and you should see a small sign showing the road to the falls to the left. The bridge over Falls Brook is within site of the sign. If you cross the bridge (second from the gatehouse) you have gone too far. The road down to the falls is rough and if you don’t have a 4×4 you may want to park on the main road and walk the rest of the way (1.02 km to the trail head). There are several parking areas along the road as it gets progressively more steep and rough. We drive an SUV and parked at the last parking area before the last steep pitch. The last section was washed out on our last visit. Follow the road to the bottom of the hill to the last parking spot. There is access to the shore of the Miramichi River on the left. The trail to the falls is to the right.

Another way to access the trail is by canoing the Miramichi river from Deersdale but this would take you a couple days so that’s a whole different adventure and won’t be described here.


The trail is currently on Freehold land that was bought sometime in the early 2000’s by J. D. Irving. The land was formerly owned by Bowater Company.

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